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For Chinese-learning newbies, this site shows Chinese characters (Hanzi) and their alphabet-based pronunciation (Pinyin). Use the Blog Archive (on the left sidebar) to navigate to the different lessons. Note: Your first lesson in speaking Chinese should be Tones (click here). Also remember: the letter "q" is pronounced as "ch" and the letter "x" is pronounced as "sh" while the letter "c" sounds like "ts." The pronunciation for the letter "e" sounds like "uh" while the letter "o" sounds more like "wuh" --- Crazy, eh? :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ni hao! 你好!

你好 ! Ni hao ! Hello!
That's my first post and our first lesson! Hi, I'm Vincent and I've been living and working in China for almost 2 years now. Unfortunately, I haven't been too diligent with my Chinese lessons so I'm still pretty inadequate at it. I work for an American software company's engineering office here and English is still the standard language at work. I hang out with expatriates and English-speaking locals so that doesn't help either.

Recently, I've decided to get really serious at learning the language because I've decided to stay in China for a long, long time! Lots of challenges, lots of entrepreneurial opportunities and lots of new things to learn out here. First step, if you want to settle down here for quite some time, is to learn the language.

That's what this blog is for: my online notebook for learning Chinese and journaling my lessons. So come learn with me or share your knowledge with me! It's Mandarin time!!

欢迎 ! Huan ying ! Welcome!


Attila_The_Pun said...

Learning Chinese is a lot of fun. Are you looking for a Chinese language learning website that includes free easy-to-understand lessons? has all of those things!

alexan1233 said...

ni hao wo de ming ze jio yang mei shing hi my name is christine and im ten years old and im chinese but i was born in america my ping ying still isnt that good now but i can reconize about maybe 30 chinese words i think somtimes its fun and somtimes its not wen my mom makes me its aktully handy some times :)

alexan1233 said...

by the way i can speak mandarin and alot of english well all of the words and most of the time i speak english at home i speak chinese i am in wu lian ji ^^

Rachel Hudson said...

I used to live in China for 8 years but about 1 1/2 years ago moved back to the U.S.
Want to go back so bad!!
I noticed this blog is a littleo wo old and was hoping for the person who started it to keep it running. I'd love to have someone to help me remember my chinese.
ni hao! wo jao ma ling chao! ni she shem ma? = hello my name is rachel. what is your name/who are you?

I take french class and whever I am trying to say thank you in french the first thing I think of is xie xie.